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Josh is a recurring and important character in the penpal story. he is the best friend of Dathen and appears in Balloons, Boxes, Maps, and Friends.


Josh is described as having straight, blond hair.


he has a sister named Veronica who has straight blond hair like him. he seemed not to like her very much when he was younger saying she was ugly.

he has a dad who dad worked away from home until Josh "ran away" and Veronica died and he had to stay closer to his wife to comfort her

not much is known about his mom besides the fact she was very upset after losing both her children.

he is best friends with Dathen and played with him every weekend until after the events of Boxes when they drifted apart.


he seems like a pretty nice guy, he was the first to approach and make friends with Dathen and it is assumed he tried to complete their map as a birthday present before he was killed.